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Joseph Paquet painting Studio
Rescheduled! Date and Format Change

Conwall N.Y. Workshop
Joe Paquet & Andrew Lattimore
Plein Air Landscape & Plein Air Figure

Saturday, May 5th 2012 — Thursday, May 10th 2012

Andrew Lattimore's Classroom

The idea for this workshop has been a long time in coming. Andrew and I have been friends for almost 30 years. His talent and love of painting speak for themselves.
To see his work, visit his site here

Young Joe Paquet and Andrew Lattimore
In Front of Sotherby's, 1984

I will be presenting Plein Air Landscape Painting in the morning and Andrew will be presenting Plein Air Figure/Portrait Painting in the afternoon. The first day will be lecture and demo, followed by four days outside in the historic Hudson River Valley (click here for materials list).

The final day we will make a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view and discuss the collection.

Between Andrew and myself we have well over 60 years combined painting experience and over 25 years teaching.

It is the kind of class I would have loved to have had myself. Don’t miss the opportunity!


Cost: $1200. (Does not include travel costs, accommodations, food or day trip costs to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY City).

VERY IMPORTANT: *All Checks need to be payable to: Joseph Paquet Studio, LLC and must be accompanied by a Registration Form (click here to download).
Please mail to:
H&P Studio
Northern Warehouse Building
308 Prince Street #234
St. Paul, MN 55101


STEWART AIRPORT - 7 miles north of The Lattimore Studio
NEWARK AIRPORT - 62 miles south of the Lattimore Studio
LAGUARDIA AIRPORT - 62 miles south of the Lattimore Studio


The Thayer Hotel
Crowell Manor
Storm King Lodge
Denniston B&B
The Paintiner's Inn
The Grail


The Canterbury Brook Inn
THe River Bank
Woody's All Natural
Cosimo's Woodbury