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Saturday, June 4th - Thursday June, 9th
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Just Off Q 27 x 40 - Oil on Mounted Linen - $18,000

Just Off 'Q' 27" x 40" - Oil on Mounted Linen - $18,000

Just Off 'Q'

It's rare for me to come across a place that I can paint repeatedly and find new excitement each time. Fourteen years ago I painted this homestead for the first time, and have been coming back ever since. This time I felt compelled to paint a large version on site, in an effort to record the farm before it actually sinks into the ground.  

From a painting standpoint it was a study in what I refer to as "optical painting" in other words, when focused on a given area, what does one perceive through ones peripheral vision. Hence a studied simplification away from the area of interest.

Rust and Roadsides

Announcing Rust and Roadsides!

This cooperative project with fellow artist John Cosby will chronicle a trip through the American Dream. By following the rustbelt across the U.S., painting American industry and the places that support it, we intend to document the relics of the Great Generation before it disappears. Watch video, see samples and more at the Rust and Roadsides website!

American Masters

American Artist - Weekend with the Masters

September 7-11 2011 - Monterey California

I'm honored to be asked to participate in this prestigious event, both to lecture and teach plein aire. Other artists including Richard Schmid, Sherri McGraw, David Leffel, Kevin MacPherson will also be teaching and presenting. To have so much talent in the same place at the same time is a great opportunity for participants and me as well. I look forward to the camaraderie and learning.

Avalon Shimmer 18" x 24" - $8,200 - SOLD