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Upcoming Shows

Connections 8.5x10" - $2800Connections 8.5x10" - $2800

Opening at Hoffman Parkin Urban Realty

Friday, May 20- 5-8pm · kickoff night for Art-A-Whirl 17 4th Street SE Minneapolis, MN 55414 (612) 623-1199 In Northeast Mpls between Whitey's & The Aveda Institute

Oak Above the Sea 8x12" - $2900Oak Above the Sea 8x12" - $2900

CATALINA: The Wild Side Art Show and Sale
At the Catalina Country Club

On Saturday, June 11, 2011, nine nationally acclaimed plein air artists will display their interpretations of Catalina's rugged wildlands as well as Avalon and Two Harbors at the Catalina Country Club. Proceeds from the sale of these unique paintings will help to establish a permanent collection of plein air artwork that documents the Island's "wild side" and the Conservancy's restoration efforts.

Sold Work

Woodsmoke & Sawdust 18" x 24" - $8,200 - SOLD 

Woodsmoke & Sawdust 18" x 24" - $8,200 - SOLD