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New York Lecture
Creativity & Authenticity:
The Quest for a Singular Vision

Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 10am-1pm Lecture/Q&A

We all strive for an individually defining sense of vision in our work. This discussion will help to clarify and define both cause an effect for that vision. Topics will include External vs. Internal Motivation , Fear , Risk and Balance.

There will be a Question and Answer period following the talk.

Location: Lattimore Studio, 2 Mill St., Cornwall, NY

Cost: $25.00 - Advance Payment  & Registration Required,
to reserve a spot contact Andrew Lattimore at 914.819.8856 or e-mail: 

New Work "Wilbur Returns"

Wilbur Returns 28" x 40" - Oil on Mounted Linen - $20,000

The title of the painting is a play off the title from a winter painting done in the same area a few years ago titled "Come Back Wilbur."

I am usually traveling during the best of the Fall season so made up my mind this year to do a major painting from life before the leaves were gone. This painting is a graduate study in unity and variety. Being a "flat light" picture with very little shadow I had my challenges with defining form and making strong bits of color take their place in the distance. Sometimes odd challenges pique my curiosity, like the dried-out pond in the foreground or the plastic wrapped hay bales in the middle distance. Anyway, regardless of all of the subjective choices I make in a painting, the truth of nature always keeps me in a humble place.

NY Workshop: Reschedule & Change

Saturday, May 5th - Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Andrew Lattimore's Classroom

My joint workshop in Cornwall N.Y. with Andrew Lattimore scheduled for the first week in December has been rescheduled to: Saturday, May 5th through Thursday, May 10th

The format of the workshop will also change in that it will All Be PLEIN AIR. I will be teaching outdoors in the mornings with a first day lecture. Andrew will be teaching the portrait/figure outdoors in the afternoon. The final day will be spent studying & enjoying paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Cost; $1,200 (Not including meals, lodging or transportation into N.Y.) Click here for more details... 

New York Exhibition - Salmagundi Club

128th Annual Members Exhibition, November 14 through November 27th, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Sunday Afternoon 24 x30" - Oil on Mounted Linen - $16,000

The above painting has been accepted and will be shown in the exhibition. For those of you who may not be familiar, the Samagundi is the oldest art club in the US. Its rich history includes many of the great American Impressionists and has a library, dining room and great art collection. It's worth a visit.

California Art Club: Winter Symposium

Fort Mason Conference Center San Francisco - January 21st & 22nd 2012

I have the honor of being asked to be the keynote speaker at this wonderful event. The weekend combines lectures, critiques and demos from nationally prominent artists in a spacious environment at a nominal cost.

Seating is limited to 250 participants. Contact: California Art Club for more details: 626.583.9009

Catalina Island 5-Day Workshop 2012

Monday, Jan. 16th - Friday, Jan. 20th, 2012 

Catalina Workshop 2012

There are only a couple of slots left for this Island workshop. It's a great time to be both in California and on Catalina as the tourist traffic is down and it is incredibly peaceful.

Cost $825.00 Click here for details...

Stockton California  

PAPA Allure of water Exhibition, Haggin Museum
Through January 22nd, 2012

Hope for Spring 18' x 28' - Oil on Mounted Linen - $12,000

Hope for Spring 18" x 28" - $12,000 - SOLD

If you have not had a chance to see it, the show is a stunner with a great collection of guest artists this year as well. The folks at the Haggin did an amazing job.

Sold Work

American Steel 22' x 28' - Oil on Mounted Linen - $12,000

American Steel 22" x 28" - Oil on Mounted Linen - $12,000 - SOLD