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Diary of a Plein-Air Experience

Joseph and Grandpa Painting

How many "best days" does one get in life?
Recently I spent a weekend with my son and my father at my Dad's winter home in Florida. My Mom passed away this past April and she and my dad were quite a team so he has been very much adrift.

Further, his old routines hold too many memories.
To my amazement, after 57 years - he picked up his brushes.

He showed a wonderful talent as a young man but, like many of his generation, he married young and soon had five children to care for. His paint box gathered dust in the basement and for the next 43 years he worked, as his father did - for the railroad. He and Mom were always taking care of us, while there was little it seemed that we could do for them. Further, finding common ground for discussion has always been a challenge as I am the only guy in the family who is not "handy", so I've had little to offer to conversations regarding cars, construction or concrete. So when I said my son and I were coming for a visit, I suggested we paint together. Figuring (correctly) he was using meager materials, I packed a Julian French Easel a friend had given me into which I carved his name and added extra paints, panels & brushes.

When I walked in the door, I was pleasantly surprised to see newly painted canvases leaning against the wall and a spark in his eye I have not seen in a while. We spent the evening going over materials and planned to paint the next day. I did a demonstration painting for him and he asked a lot of questions. The following day, I showed him the process of under painting. On our third day together, the three of us packed a cooler and headed off to Juniper Springs.

It was a perfect morning.

Three generations of Paquets making art.

I was somewhere beyond happy.

I was able to do something for my Dad.

Miracles do exist.

Joseph and Grandpa Painting

How many "best days" does one get in life?

New Work: Brooklyn Paintings Completed

Brooklyn with Barrel

Brooklyn with Barrel 28" x 40" - Oil on Mounted Linen - SOLD

He Sleeps with the Fishes

He Sleeps with the Fishes 28" x 40" - O/ML - $20,000 SOLD

Cornwall N.Y. Workshop
with Joe Paquet and Andrew Lattimore

Saturday, May 5th - Thursday, May 10th, 2012

There are still a few slots available for the May Workshop in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Mornings will be spent with me on outdoor landscapes and afternoons with Andrew on plein air portrait/figure. Our last day will be spent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art discussing the collection and it's relevance to the week's work.

Cost; $1,200 (Not including meals, lodging or transportation into N.Y.) Click here for more details... 

Just Off QJust Off "Q" 27" x 40" - Oil on Mounted Linen - $18,000 - SOLD

California Art Club 101st Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition & Sale April 21st 2012

This is a wonderful show to be a part of. As always, it is filled with an amazing array of work, varied in approach and subject matter from many of the finest artist in the country. A must see! For tickets & information:

Photo by Jack Baldelli

Catalina Island Conservancy "Wild Side" Exhibition Saturday, June 23rd 2012

This show will showcase paintings painted on Catalina Island California by artists:

Kenn Backhaus, John Budicin, John Cosby, Don Demers, Karl Dempwolf, Andy Evansen, Ben Fenske, Kevin MacPherson, Matt Smith, Brian Stewart and myself. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Catalina Island Conservancy which has gained attention around the globe for the success and progressiveness of their efforts.

I am honored to be a part of it.For tickets & Information: