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Hurinenko & Paquet Studio to Close

After 14 years of teaching together at the Hurinenko & Paquet Studio, Jeff and I have decided to dissolve our partnership and pursue our own directions at the end of the Fall semester.

Life and lease issues have brought us both to think about what is next for each of us and there is nothing but warmth and gratitude for the opportunity to both work together as well as with the scores of students who have come through our doors.

For me I simply want to say "thank you" to Jeff for our friendship and keeping the bar high for the students.

To the students, thank you for the honor of working with you all.

As to what is next: as soon as I figure it out, I will let you know.

I do know I will be teaching in some capacity.
Click here for fall semester class information.

Catalina Island Conservancy "Wild Side" Exhibition
Last Stop, Eagles Nest   18" x 24"   $12,000 - SOLD
Last Stop, Eagles Nest   18" x 24"   $12,000 - SOLD

This was the second annual conservancy exhibit and exhibited an amazing roster of talent including, Kenn Backhaus, John Budicin, John Cosby,
Don Demers, Karl Dempwolf, Andy Evansen, Ben Fenske, Kevin MacPherson, Matt Smith, Brian Stewart and myself. 

Catalina Island Conservancy "Wild Side" Exhibition painters
Catalina Island Conservancy "Wild Side" Exhibition painters

Front row, left to right, Ben Fenske, John Budicin, Kevin MacPherson,
Brian Stewart, John Cosby, Back row: Karl Dempwolf, myself, Andy Evansen  

& Matt Smith. Missing in action: Don Demers & Kenn Backhaus.

Sales were brisk and it was a rare chance to have a good time with the group. The Conservancy was wonderful to partner with and I look forward to the continual blossoming of this event (see Joe's Wild Side Collection).

Wilbur Returns   28" x 40"   $20,000 - Available
Wilbur Returns   28" x 40"   $20,000 - Available
New Article in The Artists Magazine: Bigger is Better

Who can argue with a title like that? Honestly, it was the editor's idea! This is the first article I have written and it was a great experience. It chronicles the trials, and tribulations of attempting large-scale works outdoors and some useful tips to make your attempts a little easier. Slated for November issue.

CD Cover Art
Coming Spring   8"x12"   $2,800 - SOLD
Coming Spring   8"x12"   $2,800 - SOLD
New CD titled Pill Hill from Dan Fowlds features Coming Spring as cover art.
New CD titled Pill Hill from Dan Fowlds features Coming Spring as cover art.
Chatham Creative Arts Center
Students painting in Chatham
Students painting in Chatham

4-Day, Plein Air Workshop - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Monday, September 10 - Thursday, September 13

This will be my third time teaching this workshop with the added benefit of an extra day. It's a magnificent time to be on the Cape!

There are a few spots left, for more information, visit the CCAC at: to register or call (508) 945-3583.

Just Off "Q"   22" x 28" - $20,000 - SOLD
Just Off "Q"   22" x 28"    $20,000

This painting found a great home and steward.
To purchase paintings directly from Joe
Just call (651) 485-5807 or email to discuss details and options.