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New Work
White Tanks, Blue Day 30" x 40"  $21,000
White Tanks, Blue Day 30" x 40"  $21,000

These days I am often pulled toward unusual color harmonies, this scene stopped me in my tracks: the gray-violet of the sky, the green grass and sun-washed white tanks. Looking even deeper however I was blown - away by the myriad of color in the white tanks (see detail at right). I was completely transfixed by the wonderful, complex subtlety of it. In fact it is almost everything but white!

For three days I worked on this outdoors being mindful not to simply overload the painting with "stuff" adding only that which I felt would add to the big look using choice bits of intense color to serve the overall neutrality of the picture.

Florentine Nocturne, 30" x 40"  $21,000
Florentine Nocturne, 30" x 40"  $21,000

This painting was a different challenge for me. It is a re-do of an idea I painted a few years ago. Honestly, I loved the idea but the execution was tentative and lacked conviction. I followed my field painting more closely this time and kept the marks cleaner an more definitive and the result was much closer to the sketch.

Morning on the Mississippi, St. Paul , 28" x 40"  $19,500
Morning on the Mississippi, St. Paul , 28" x 40"  $19,500

One of the most challenging paintings I've attempted outdoors so far. What got me was the moment before the sun breaks the horizon while the streetlights are still on.

My effect lasted only 15 minutes or so. I dragged myself out at five-thirty over eight mornings to get the brunt of it.

The quiet angles of the bridges contrasted each other and I minimized information in both bridges & water so as to not compete with the sky.

I constantly mix it up: more bold paintings then more quiet ones - always pushing myself beyond where I am comfortable.

The stretch always feels good.

Rural Electrification 24" x 30"  $13,000 - SOLD
Rural Electrification 24" x 30"  $13,000 - SOLD

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