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New Studio

308 Prince St. # 234
St. Paul, MN 55101
New Phone: (651) 485-5807

New Classes

Wednesday Figure Drawing and Thursday Studio Painting classes will continue through the Spring on the following dates:
March 6 & 7, 13 & 14, 20 & 21
April 17 & 18, 24 & 25
May 1 & 2, 8 & 9, 29 & 30
Cost (8 weeks)
Figure Drawing $464.00 (Includes Model Fee)
Studio Painting $400.00
Saturday Drop-in classes to be announced*

18th Annual Summer Workshop, St. Paul, MN 3-Day Plein Air Workshop Summer Workshop

3 Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. June 7, 8, 9
Cost: $550.00*
This workshop is ideal for those who would like to be introduced to working with a prismatic palette from life or for those who want a refresher to stat off their Summer painting. All levels welcome - just bring humility and a healthy respect for nature!
Friday morning demo / afternoon painting (9am - 4pm)
Friday evening: Cocktail Hour at studio (5pm - 7pm)
Saturday morning, afternoon painting (9am - 4pm)
Sunday morning, afternoon painting - finishing with a group critique (9am-5pm)
*Checks to be payable to: Joseph Paquet Studio, L.L.C.

To purchase paintings directly from Joe
Just call (651) 485-5807 or email to discuss details and options.