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Joseph Paquet painting Studio

Stockholm Sweden

5-Day Plein Air Workshop

Monday, July 23rd - Friday, July 27th, 2018

Focus on the Prismatic Palette

Windy Day, Stockholm 8" x 12" — Oil on Mounted Linen — $3,400

Windy Day, Stockholm 8" x 12" — Oil on Mounted Linen — $3,400

This will be my third time teaching this wonderful destination workshop through the Farigh Ghaderi Studio in Beautiful Stockholm and I'm looking forward to it. It is a marvelous opportunity the prismatic palette in both urban and rural environments.

Learn to see more deeply.

This 5-day workshop at Farigh Ghaderi ArtStudio will introduce you to the power and subtlety of the Prismatic Palette. You will learn to capture what makes each day unique through the use of an elegant underpainting, rhythmically connected drawing, structured value scale and solid understanding of color as value.  Further we will delve into how color is affected by atmosphere and the Prismatic Effect.
You will never look at nature the same way.

Humility and a healthy respect for nature required.

Required Materials List

  • Good Field Easel or Tripod based Pochade Box
  • Painting Umbrella (Artwork Essentials in Irvine California has the best I've used)
  • Paints:
  • White – Cremnitz or Titanium (your choice)
  • Cadmium Yellow Light  (Old Holland or Rembrant)
  • Cadmium Yellow  (Winsor Newton)
  • Cadmium Orange  (Winsor Newton)
  • Cadmium Scarlet or Cadmium Red Light  (Winsor Newton)
  • Alizarin Crimson  (Winsor Newton)
  • Manganese Blue  (Old Holland or Bloxx)
  • Cobalt Blue  (Winsor Newton)
  • Ultramarine Blue  (Winsor Newton)
  • Ivory Black  (Winsor Newton)
  • Raw Umber  (Winsor Newton.  For Toning Panels)
  • Pthalo Green  (Old Holland or Gamblin)
  • Painting Medium – 50/50 Mixture of Cold Pressed Linseed Oil & Gamsol or Turpenoid.  (Keep in a separate bottle)
  • Palette Cups
  • Paper Towels
  • Garbage Bags
  • Palette Knives (2)
  • Brushes - Long Bristle Flats or Filberts (Two each, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10)
  • Panels (your choice) Sizes: 8x10”,  9x12”,  11x14”, 12x16”  (or metric equivalent) 

Plan on two paintings each day. Panels should be toned with a light imprimatura of Raw Umber & White. As for value, think Mocha!

  • Suggested:
  • Brush Washer (Be sure to keep it double bagged in ziplock bags)
  • Sennelier Gel 'N Dry – This is ideal to mix with your white when traveling to ensure bringing home dry panels.
  • Panel Box – to safly transport panels
  • Sunscreen

Contact and Registration information

Farigh Ghaderi ArtStudio
telephone +46(0)76 2393104
Price 7750SEK incl vat (approximately $875 US)

Class listing on Farigh's website here.