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Joseph Paquet painting Studio

Lectures and Demonstrations

Fort Lee Association January 1989
Salmagundi Club, New York, NY April 1989
Fairfax Art League, Fairfax, VA August 1992
Manassas Art Guild, Manassas, VA September 1992
Waynesboro Studio Club, Waynesboro, PA October 1992
Ridgewood Art Institute, Ridgewood, NJ October 1992
Manassas Art Guild, Manassas, VA May 1996
Minnesota River School, Burnsville, MN July 1996
Bougie Studio, Minneapolis, MN May 1999
Resources and Counseling for the Arts, St. Paul, MN
Planting Seeds & Making Luck
October 2001
Cherokee Town & Country Club, Atlanta, GA
The Plein Air Tradition
April 2004
Scottsdale Artists School, Scottsdale, AZ
Lecture: “Originality and the Creative Impulse”
November 2007
Edina Art Center, Edina, MN
Lecture: “Creativity and Authenticity”
September 2009
Weekend of the Masters. Caramel, CA
Lecture: “Creativity and Authenticity”
October 2011
Lattimore Atelier, Cornwall, NY
Lecture: "Creativity & Authenticity"
May 2012
2nd Plein Air Convention, Carmel, CA
Lecture: "Creativity & Authenticity"
April 2013
Oil Painters of America Convention, Fredericksburg, TX
Lecture: "Creativity & Authenticity"
May 2013
New Brighton Family Center, New Brighton, MN
Lecture: “Creativity & Authenticity”
Plein Air South, Apalachicola, FL
Lecture: “Creativity & Authenticity”