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Online Critiques & Mentoring

Prismatic Palette

Critique spots available
1 spot open for online mentoring

If there is one thing I’ve learned since I began teaching in 1995 it’s that one size doesn’t fit all.

I have worked with over 2,000 students in that time and have had the good fortune to train a good many of them to the point that they are winning national awards and acclaim.
We all receive information differently.

Good teaching is about providing what's needed; precisely when it's needed — and it's something I enjoy doing.

This program is designed for those who are unable to take my regular classes but want the benefit of a linear training, which is result-oriented.

If you wish to improve your art this is a good place to begin.


Do you feel like you are creatively blocked?

Often a well-timed fresh perspective can make all the difference.

This is an opportunity to fine tune your direction, balance your skillsets and work toward your own brand of extraordinary.

If you are interested in the single critique simply choose the PayPal option. Next email me the images you wish to review along with any thoughts or concerns you wish to discuss.

Prior to the mutually agreed upon time of our phone conversation, I will review the work and make a careful assessment.

The goal is to give you a fresh perspective on and direction on your work and free your creativity.


Do you have a strategy for your creative growth?

Organizing a linear training strategy is possible.

For those of you wanting a more in-depth experience this is a great option.

We will begin with a few important intake questions to assess your history, skills and goals.

Next we will review and assess, current work and state of development.

This will be followed by targeted skill building and each session you will be given specific things to work on to be reviewed at the next session.



Due to travel, shows and workshops my schedule is irregular. Meeting times are to be agreed upon by both parties, cancellations will be charged in full.

I only take on ten mentoring students at a time. Once mentoring has begun, all five sessions must be completed withing the calendar year that they are purchased and there are no refunds.

Please call (651) 485-5807 if you have any questions or to schedule your session


One Hour Online Critique

Cost: $200/hour (Prepaid)
Critique over the phone, viewing paintings online
Payment by cash or check also accepted.
Please call (651) 485-5807 to schedule


5-Hour Online Mentoring

5-Hour Block Minimum ($800 prepaid)
To help you balance your skill sets and tailor a path that makes sense for you.
Payment by cash or check also accepted.
Please call (651) 485-5807 to schedule