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Recent Paintings

September 2020


Late Summer, Bailey RD - 30"x40" - $28,000

Late Summer, Bailey RD  (Study) - 8¼x10 - $2,800

Late Summer, Bailey RD (Study) - 8¼"x10" - $2,800

Searching for Purpose and Finding Meaning During the Pandemic

“It’s a good time to build inventory” I’ve heard a great many well-meaning folks say.

During the early days of Covid it was impossible for me to paint. I felt harried, anxious and hollow.
Inventory was the last thing on my mind.

Painting seemed self-indulgent, silly and frankly of little importance in light of a pandemic. Like fiddling while Rome burned.

I needed to get outside myself and free myself from the persistent dread and fear mongering of the daily news and the dim prospects for our near future.

Checking-in with friends, spending more time with loved ones and a cold martini (or three) helped but was not enough.

In my heart I knew the answers lay outdoors, outside myself, my ego and I needed to stay there as long as it took to recalibrate.
Standing quietly in the same spot for days gave me entrée into nature’s rhythms, a primal remembrance of a natural order and a hint of universal grace.

The sense of peace I felt was not solely from the beauty or isolation, but from a more profound reminder of nature’s timeline for growth and renewal — so different from my own.

Nature is and has always been indifferent to the whims of human ego. My small, anxious urgency “to figure things out” was slowly being replaced by a reframing of my view of time and trust in a universal, organic healing.

Though I am not yet there, I am on my way.
The world has always found its way of achieving equilibrium.
I need to trust in that.

If these paintings reflect that search for understanding and some greater meaning, then every minute spent with my brushes was worth it.


Third of July, Port Wing, Wisconsin

Third of July, Port Wing, Wisconsin - 28"x40" - $25,000

Hopper Car

Hopper Car - 8¼"x10" - $2,800

Catalina Island Conservancy
Wild Side Art Show & Sale

It's virtual this Year!
I have painted almost continuously on Catalina since 1997.
It has become a home away from home for me and because of all those years of study I have been able to go far deeper with my work.

The Conservancy has worked wonders to keep the island a pristine example of the original California. It’s your opportunity to put some beauty in your home a support a great cause too!

You can register at: for the online exhibit and sale or VIP Access!

Rooflines and Raking Light

Rooflines and Raking Light - 8"x10" - $4,000 - SOLD •

First Rays, Cat Head

First Rays, Cat Head - 18"x24" - $9,200

Morning Glow on Sumner

Morning Glow on Sumner - 8"x12" - $3,600 - SOLD •

Will Richards Studio

Will Richards Studio - 8"x12" - $3,500 - SOLD •

Cottage by the Sea

Cottage by the Sea - 8"x12" - $3,400 - SOLD •

Early Afternoon, Avalon

Early Afternoon, Avalon - 8"x12" - $3,400 - SOLD •

Fair Weather

Fair Weather - 8"x12" - $3,400 - SOLD •

Into the Sun

Into the Sun - 8"x12" - $3,400 - SOLD •

Luminous Afternoon, Ballast Point

Luminous Afternoon, Ballast Point - 8"x12" - $3,400

Off Season, Avalon Harbor

Off Season, Avalon Harbor - 8"x12" - $3,400

August 2020

On the Waterfront, Redhook, Brooklyn-24x30
On the Waterfront, Redhook, Brooklyn 24" x 30" $15,000

May 2020

Trestle Shadow 28" x 40" $26,000

Rail, Stone & Steel 30" x 24" $15,000 - SOLD •

Early Light, Barcelona 8" x 12" $3,400

Barcelona, Evening Light 8" x 12" $3,400

All Quiet, Chatham 8" x 12" $3,400

January 2020

Autumn Sun Menomonie, Wisconsin 28x40
Autumn Sun, Menomonie Wisconsin    28" x 40"    $24,000

November 2019

Ojibwe Afternoon, Madeline Island
Ojibwe Afternoon, Madeline Island    22" x 28"    $14,000

Discernment - Endeavoring to go deeper.

I don't believe the world really needs another picture.
It is enriched however by a thoughtful, sensitive, singular vision and each of us need to decide how we define that.
In my case it means greater discernment within all aspects of my painting.

I ask myself, have I distilled both the feeling & essence of my original vision?
How does my use of color harmony, shape, form, design and pattern serve to elevate the visual experience - and how can I achieve something more sublime without relying on exaggerations? 
Nature doesn't need exaggeration to spellbind me - so, what am I lacking?

If I miss the mark it usually stems from two things:
1. My original idea was flawed or 
2. (As Rilke says) "I am not poet enough to call forth its riches"

What to do?
Here's my mantra:
Deepening my sensitivity increases my reception.
Deepening my reception allows for enhanced discernment.
Enhancing my discernment allows the possibility of finding the universal in the particular.

Finding the universal in the particular allows me the possibility of awakening to less obvious beauty -

And I love that.

Early Light, Madeline Island    24" x 30"    $14,000

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