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Recent Paintings

Oversize Field Paintings 2024

Community Garden 40" x 50"

Furrows and First Snow 36" x 60"

Cave Shadow 40" x 50"

Crossing Otto 50" x 40"

Gain Elevator with Alley Cat 45" x 40"

Summer, Bailey Road 30" x 40"

Moonlit Church 30" x 24"

Souvenirs of Southern Italy 2023

Quiet Garden 8" x 12"

First Rays 8" x 12"

Domenico’s Barn 8" x 12"

Temple of Athena, Paestum 8" x 12"

Behind the Monastery 12" x 8"

Windy Day, Temple of Zeus 8" x 12"

Late Afternoon, Padula 8" x 12"

Across the Valley 8" x 12"

Above the Quarry 8" x 12"

Morning Clouds 8" x 12"

Narrow Lane 12" x 8"

Green Doors 12" x 8"

Sun Kissed 8" x 12"

Profile of Padula 8" x 12"

Day’s End from Santa Croce 8" x 12"

Cloud Shadows 8" x 12"

Among the Olives 8" x 12"

Catalina Island Conservancy Show 2023

After The Rain 18" x 24" - $9,000

Avalon Regulars 8" x 10" - $3,500

Spring, Cottonwood Canyon 8" x 10" - $3,500

Looking for Coffee 8" x 10" - $3,500

Harbor Glint 8" x 12" - $3,600

Crisp Morning 8" x 12" - $3,600

Avalon, Quiet Side 12" x 8" - $3,800

Incoming Tide 8" x 12" - $3,600

Fair Weather 8" x 12" - $3,600

New Day, Avalon 8" x 12" - $3,600

Spring and Summer Work 2023

Rural Electrification, Spring 2023 - 24" x 36" - $18,000

Rasperries and Red Barn 8" x 12" - $3,500

Griggs Mansion in Spring 8" x 12" - $3,500

Summit Ave, Spring 8" x 12" - $3,500

Billowing Cumulus 8" x 12" - $3,500

Old Cabin 8" x 12" - $3,500

Smokey Sunrise 8" x 12" - $3,500

New Day 8" x 12" - $3,500

Nun on the Phone 8" x 12" - $3,500

2022 Italian Paintings

Moment of Silence 28" x 40" - $30,000

Study for Moment of Silence 8" x 12" - $3,500

Spring Below Town 8" x 12" - $3,500

Among the Olives 8" x 12" - $3,500

Narrow Street 12" x 8" - $3,500

Clouds and Sun 8" x 12" - $3,500

2022 Spring Paintings

Full Bloom 10" x 8.5" - $3,500

2022 Small Works Collection

Yellow House in Winter 8" x 10.5" - 3,500

All Quiet, Chatham 8" x 12" - $3,500

Autumn, Backlit Trees 8" x 10.5" - $3,500

Birka, Viking Island 8" x 12" - $3,500
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Boatyard Gloucester 8" x 12" - $3,500

Bridge Shadow and Barge Repair 8" x 10.5" - $3,500
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Brooding Sky, Madeline Island 8" x 12" - $3,500
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Channel Sunrise, Catalina 8" x 12" - $3,500
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Chapel of St. Francis 8" x 12" - $3,500

Drying Rice 8" x 12" - $3,500
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First Rays 8" x 12" - $3,500

First Snow, Saint Paul 8" x 10.5" - $3,500

Fresh Ice 8" x 12" - $3,500

Gray Day, Chalk Cliffs 8" x 12" - $3,500
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Liftbridge, Last Days 8" x 12" - $3,500

Midday, Clear Creek 8" x 12" - $3,500

Morning Fog, Madeline Island 8" x 12" - $3,500

Old Bordello with Elevator 8" x 12" - $3,500
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Rocks and Surf, Ogunquit 8" x 12" - $3,500
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Schoolhouse in Shadow 8" x 12" - $3,500

Signs of Spring 8" x 12" - $3,500
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Summer Evening, Nykelvyken 8" x 12" - $3,500
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Summer in Sweden 8" x 12" - $3,500

Summer Sky 8" x 12" - $3,500
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Toward Denver, Lasater 8" x 12" - $3,500

Toward Newbedford 8" x 12" - $3,500
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Village Sunset 8" x 12" - $3,500

Warehouses in Pale Light 8" x 10"- $3,500
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Will Richard’s Studio 8" x 12" - $3,500

Wind and Wires 8" x 12" - $3,500
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Windy Day, Stockholm 8" x 12" - $3,500
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2021 Large Work

Beers, Brats & Big Clouds

Beers, Brats & Big Clouds - 40"x50" - $38,000  SOLD •

2021 Spring Collection

View Beyond The Carriage House

View Beyond The Carriage House - 8"x12" - $3,500  SOLD •

Cigar Guy in Spring

Cigar Guy in Spring - 8"x12" - $3,500 SOLD •

Spring Path

Spring Path - 8"x12" - $3,500  SOLD •

In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom - 8"x12" - $3,500

Alley in Spring

Alley in Spring - 8"x12" - $3,500  SOLD •

2021 Large Paintings

Sunset, Tuscany

Sunset, Tuscany  - 30"x50" - $35,000

Tuscan Light

Tuscan Light - 40"x50" - $38,000  SOLD •

Furrows and First Snow 36x60

Furrows and First Snow - 36"x60" - $38,000

Trestle Shadow

Trestle Shadow - 28"x40" - $35,000

Evening on the Arno

Evening on the Arno - 36"x50" - $38,000

Path Through the Birches

Path through the Birches - 40"x30" - $24,000  SOLD •


Windy Afternoon

Windy Afternoon - 8"x12" - $3,500 SOLD •

September 2020


Late Summer, Bailey RD - 30"x40" - $28,000

Late Summer, Bailey RD  (Study) - 8¼x10 - $2,800

Late Summer, Bailey RD (Study) - 8¼"x10" - $2,500

Searching for Purpose and Finding Meaning During the Pandemic

“It’s a good time to build inventory” I’ve heard a great many well-meaning folks say.

During the early days of Covid it was impossible for me to paint. I felt harried, anxious and hollow.
Inventory was the last thing on my mind.

Painting seemed self-indulgent, silly and frankly of little importance in light of a pandemic. Like fiddling while Rome burned.

I needed to get outside myself and free myself from the persistent dread and fear mongering of the daily news and the dim prospects for our near future.

Checking-in with friends, spending more time with loved ones and a cold martini (or three) helped but was not enough.

In my heart I knew the answers lay outdoors, outside myself, my ego and I needed to stay there as long as it took to recalibrate.
Standing quietly in the same spot for days gave me entrée into nature’s rhythms, a primal remembrance of a natural order and a hint of universal grace.

The sense of peace I felt was not solely from the beauty or isolation, but from a more profound reminder of nature’s timeline for growth and renewal — so different from my own.

Nature is and has always been indifferent to the whims of human ego. My small, anxious urgency “to figure things out” was slowly being replaced by a reframing of my view of time and trust in a universal, organic healing.

Though I am not yet there, I am on my way.
The world has always found its way of achieving equilibrium.
I need to trust in that.

If these paintings reflect that search for understanding and some greater meaning, then every minute spent with my brushes was worth it.


Third of July, Port Wing, Wisconsin

Third of July, Port Wing, Wisconsin - 28"x40" - $25,000

Hopper Car

Hopper Car - 8¼"x10" - $2,800 - SOLD •

Catalina Island Conservancy
Wild Side Art Show & Sale

It's virtual this Year!
I have painted almost continuously on Catalina since 1997.
It has become a home away from home for me and because of all those years of study I have been able to go far deeper with my work.

The Conservancy has worked wonders to keep the island a pristine example of the original California. It’s your opportunity to put some beauty in your home a support a great cause too!

You can register at: for the online exhibit and sale or VIP Access!

Rooflines and Raking Light

Rooflines and Raking Light - 8"x10" - $4,000 - SOLD •

First Rays, Cat Head

First Rays, Cat Head - 18"x24" - $9,200 - SOLD •

Morning Glow on Sumner

Morning Glow on Sumner - 8"x12" - $3,600 - SOLD •

Will Richards Studio

Will Richards Studio - 8"x12" - $3,500 - SOLD •

Cottage by the Sea

Cottage by the Sea - 8"x12" - $3,500 - SOLD •

Early Afternoon, Avalon

Early Afternoon, Avalon - 8"x12" - $3,500 - SOLD •

Fair Weather

Fair Weather - 8"x12" - $3,500 - SOLD •

Into the Sun

Into the Sun - 8"x12" - $3,500 - SOLD •

Luminous Afternoon, Ballast Point

Luminous Afternoon, Ballast Point - 8"x12" - $3,500 SOLD •

Off Season, Avalon Harbor

Off Season, Avalon Harbor - 8"x12" - $3,500

August 2020

On the Waterfront, Redhook, Brooklyn-24x30
On the Waterfront, Redhook, Brooklyn 24" x 30" $15,000

May 2020

Trestle Shadow 28" x 40" $35,000

Rail, Stone & Steel 30" x 24" $15,000 - SOLD •

Early Light, Barcelona 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Barcelona, Evening Light 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

All Quiet, Chatham 8" x 12" $3,500 SOLD •

January 2020

Autumn Sun Menomonie, Wisconsin 28x40
Autumn Sun, Menomonie Wisconsin    28" x 40"    $24,000

November 2019

Ojibwe Afternoon, Madeline Island
Ojibwe Afternoon, Madeline Island    22" x 28"    $14,000

Discernment - Endeavoring to go deeper.

I don't believe the world really needs another picture.
It is enriched however by a thoughtful, sensitive, singular vision and each of us need to decide how we define that.
In my case it means greater discernment within all aspects of my painting.

I ask myself, have I distilled both the feeling & essence of my original vision?
How does my use of color harmony, shape, form, design and pattern serve to elevate the visual experience - and how can I achieve something more sublime without relying on exaggerations? 
Nature doesn't need exaggeration to spellbind me - so, what am I lacking?

If I miss the mark it usually stems from two things:
1. My original idea was flawed or 
2. (As Rilke says) "I am not poet enough to call forth its riches"

What to do?
Here's my mantra:
Deepening my sensitivity increases my reception.
Deepening my reception allows for enhanced discernment.
Enhancing my discernment allows the possibility of finding the universal in the particular.

Finding the universal in the particular allows me the possibility of awakening to less obvious beauty -

And I love that.

Early Light, Madeline Island    24" x 30"    $15,000

2020 Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale

Silver Plume Bones

Silver Plume Bones 18" x 24"    $8,900

High Noon, Silver Plume

High Noon, Silver Plume 8" x 12"    $3,500 - SOLD •

Toward Denver (Lasater)

Toward Denver (Lasater) 8" x 12"    $3,500

Old Jail & Miners House (Silver Plume)

Old Jail & Miners House (Silver Plume) 8" x 12"    $3,500 - SOLD •

Midday, Clear Creek

Midday, Clear Creek 8" x 12"    $3,500 SOLD •

Gold & Ghosts

Gold & Ghosts 8" x 12"    $3,500 - SOLD •

Catalina Island Conservancy
Wildside Exhibition 2019


First Rays, Two Harbors    18" x 24"    $9,000 - SOLD •


After The Rain, Cottonwood Canyon Road    18" x 24"    $9,000 - SOLD •


Channel Sunrise    8" x 12"    $3,500 - SOLD •


Brethe Deep, Ben Weston    8" x 12"    $3,500 - SOLD •


Storm over the Channel    8" x 12"    $3,500


Rainy Day, Avalon    8" x 12"    $3,500 - SOLD •


Moody Day, Moonstone Beach    8" x 12"    $3,500 - SOLD •


Indian Head Rock    8" x 12"    $3,500 - SOLD •

July 2019

Morning, Prairie Requiem

Fractured 40" x 28" $26,000 - SOLD •

Many years ago I had a dream, which profoundly affected me. It was during a period of great frustration with my work.

When a friend asked how I would verbalize my frustration, I shrugged and said, "I feel like I'm wearing the wrong jacket."

In the dream I saw wonderful large, unstretched canvases laid out flat on framing tables in a gallery.

They had color harmonies unlike anything I had ever seen, yet felt totally plausible in their reality.

The artist was there and she was very casual about the work to the point of annoyance when I inquired as to where they were painted.
With an imperious and dismissive wave of her hand she said, "Over there," while gesturing to an empty lot across the street.
I looked at the lot then back to the paintings.
She had indeed painted the lot that had gone fallow with its scrubby trees and weeds.

The painting was truthful in its essence but the color and judicious creative decisions had combined to form a Subjective Truth.
I was riveted.

All those years ago that dream set me on a path.
These new works mark a turning point for me and represent a subjective truth --

They are the product of a deeper level of study, subjective choice making and sensitivity I have been endeavoring to get closer to.

It marks the beginning of a new and exciting journey.



Tagged 28" x 40" $30,000

June 2019


Sun and Shadow Valley Forge 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Village Fish Pond 8" x 12" $3,500


Eel Seller 8" x 10" $3,500

March 2019

East Facing

East Facing 28" x 40" $24,000 - SOLD •

January 2019

Morning, Prairie Requiem

Prairie Requiem 28" x 40" $24,000 - SOLD •

Some of my best friends paint from photography.

I choose not to work from photography or have a computer screen next to my easel. Don't get me wrong; I have no problem with anyone who works from photography. It simply doesn't work for me.

Frankly, I am envious at times and would enjoy the convenience. 

Its pretty alluring, the idea of having an unlimited amount of time to paint some fleeting effect in the wind-free warmth of one's studio, taking breaks when the mood strikes. Ah, the comfort and control. 

The image of the Artist pondering a large painting in their studio has become the archetype of what an artist is: what's not to like?

Its all there--the alchemy, intrigue and solitary romanticism of the creative process.

Honestly, I love the sound of it.

The problem for me is that I can never get what I need most in my studio and that is the energy of a place - its something I need to feel, not just see.
Places hold the energy of their histories and if you are very still and humble they will whisper their stories to you.

Standing at edge of the prairie in the wind-blown snow and simply taking in the sound of a banging strip of roof tin transports me to another place. The fragrance of old hay, the feel of snow giving way under my boots, the cold, the discomfort, the profound sense that life here was never easy.

Everything on that homestead resonated a palpable, low-grade vibration of lonely dreams, earnest effort and slim margins.
If I could get all that from a photo I'd be all over it.
It's essential for me to be fully engaged, mentally, physically and spiritually to wring the most from an experience. The natural, sensory friction in the process of working from life is the leavening agent that expands my possibilities of reception. 
With greater reception I can go deeper.
I'd enjoy the ease and convenience of photography but I prefer to feel things, and by necessity that means giving over to the experience and often being uncomfortable.
I don't wear my discomforts of painting outdoors as a badge of honor, but the necessary price of admission to connection.
If I am successful, all of those feelings and experiences are woven into the paint and perhaps the painting will be something more than another picture.


California 2018 Collection

Morning, Sabrina Basin

Morning, Sabrina Basin 18" x 24" $8,900

Evening, South Lake 18x24

Evening, SouthLake 18" x 24" $8,900

Wind, Soil, Sun

Wind, Soil, Sun 18" x 24" $8,900


Grand Design, Spooners Cove 28" x 24" $9,600

Laguna 2018 Collection

Canyon Harmony

Canyon Harmony 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Sun Glint

Sun Glint 9" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Good Book, Three Arch Bay

Good Book, Three Arch Bay 9" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Golden Hour, Main Beach 20" x 24" - SOLD •

White Light, Heisler Park

White Light, Heisler Park 18" x 24" $8,900 - SOLD •

Cape Cod 2018 Collection


Castaway 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Crisp Morning, Chatham 8" x 12" $3,500


Edward Hopper Studio 8" x 12" $3,500

Catalina 2018 Collection


Morning Light on Cat Head 28" x 24" $9,600 - SOLD •


Avalon, Backstage 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Noonday Fog Two Harbors 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Garibaldi Fractal 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Orange Light 8" x 12" $3,500 SOLD •


Off Season, Two Harbors 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Quiet Anchor 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Eucalyptus In White Light 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Barracks, Morning Light 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Early Light, Two Harbors 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Morning Paper 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Hypnotic Evening 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Ballast Point, Low Tide 8" x 12" $3,500


Looking North 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


First Rays 8" x 12" $3,500 SOLD •

August 2018


Of God and Thunder 18" x 24" $8,900

Outside / Studio: Finishing a Painting

For me painting outdoors has its own dictates: Embracing a singular sensory experience with appreciation and a joyous, humble, open spirit. Feeling the day and being aware of how different it is from any other. Connecting in a way outside of my conscious self, which allows the world to speak for itself.

When this happens the canvas is not simply a picture but a record of a higher experience.

This connection to spirit has little to do finish or completion.
It is why I don't push to finish a painting in the field.

When back in the studio I have to be wary of my conscious, ego- self; the one, which thinks, he "knows" things.

It takes me a couple of days before I can get myself to even touch the canvases - to go from a spirit place to a mind space - they are that different.
I desperately don't want to screw up the unself-conscious magic.

Abdicating total control is key.
So, I let the canvas tell me what it needs and if I am patient it will become clear what needs to be done without marring the power of the original impulse.

I try and stay away from photography because it brings me back to a world of too much information and I want the painting to feel like a painting.
Visual poetry necessitates clarity of voice and economy of means.

When Distillation, Edit and Selection are the Children of Spirit - Real Magic can happen.


Summer Evening, Nykelviken 8" x 12" $3,500


Summer in Sweden 8" x 12" $3,500


Morning Sun, Duluth 8" x 12" $3,500

Morning Rust 36x48

Rust 36" x 48" $30,000 - SOLD •

Expanding Our Idea of Beauty

We all have our ideas of what beauty is.

I have for a long time now been fascinated with uncommon beauty and it is usually hidden in plain sight.

The current cult of being "busy" has made it increasingly difficult for us to see anything but the most blatant and obvious types of beauty. There was a time when door hinges had decorative stamping on them.
Yes, people noticed door hinges.

We spend more time doing and less time simply being.

Awakening to uncommon beauty requires an uncommon level of quiet and sensory expansion.

Increasing our reception demands expanding the elasticity of our awareness.

The best way to notice these more nuanced forms of beauty is to unplug and get outside yourself.

Get outside.

Spring on Summit Avenue Collection



Spring, Maiden Lane 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

University Club with Carriage House 8x12

University Club with Carriage House 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Spires and Spring Green 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Scent of Wet Blossoms 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Church in Spring 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Morning Impression, Duluth 18x24

Morning Impression, Duluth 28" x 40" $26,000 - SOLD •

Harmony, Subjective Truth, Finish & Whistler This large field painting finished in the studio was a both a study in restraint and a nod to James McNeil Whistler. He believed a painting should be like a single breath blown onto a pane of glass.

The cold, damp morning I painted this I had one shot to find that singular, delicate harmony. The canvas needed to be covered and I was at the absolute edge of my abilities. Although I was able to get the overall harmony I still had to complete it in the studio -- a potentially dangerous time for the painting.

When outside, the speed of work promotes an unselfconscious trust and connection to my subject and symbolic, felt, mark making. At it’s best a natural, organic, subjective truth is the result. Inside the studio, if I am not vigilant I can become too self-conscious, second guess myself and give undo attention to information that doesn’t serve my original impulse.

My mentor John Osborne once watched me paint a load of detail into a cast shadow and waited until I was done to say, ” Well, that didn’t help on damned bit ¬- didn’t hurt it, but didn’t help it either!” It was a great lesson.

So, here’s to knowing when to leave a painting alone.
Poetry is rarely improved by more words.

Superior Mills, Duluth Hills 18x24

Hardscrabble 24" x 30" $13,000 - SOLD •

When painting outdoors I become a voyeur by default -- a curious watcher fascinated at once by how different we all are and yet how everything is connected.

From a safe distance (for the most part) I view the lives and work of strangers, getting  glimpses of their daily struggle for existence. It's a strange thing to record the lives of others, while being largely unnoticed.

In quiet rural places and depressed cities, folks often do multiple, seasonal jobs -- living by their grit and wits to put food on their table. 

This level of harsh practicality breeds its own form of creativity -- and a far reality from how many of us live. I am ever in awe of that brand of invention & survivability.

When I witness these things I am reminded of both how soft and fortunate I am.

So here's to the everyday heros; those who get up every morning, despite disadvantages and overwhelming hardships and find meaning and purpose in a new day.


Duluth/Superior Industrial Collection

Superior Mills, Duluth Hills 18x24

Superior Mills, Duluth Hills 18" x 24" $8,900 - SOLD •

A Mill with Brooding Sky 8x12

"A" Mill with Brooding Sky 8" x 12" - $3,500 - SOLD •

Rust and Reflection 8x12

Rust and Reflection 8" x 12" - $3,500 - SOLD •

Bordello with Elevator 8x12

Bordello with Elevator 8" x 12" - $3,500 - SOLD •

Industrial Plumage 8x12

Industrial Plumage 8" x 10" - $3,500 - SOLD •

There is so much talent out there today. With the profusion of studio schools & ateliers quality training opportunities abound. Yet so much of the work amounts to well executed but often-soulless picture making.

Why is that?


Add to this the power of social media and popularity by committee.
The combined weight of others opinions and successes can overrule our own.

Add to this the impatience for result and acclaim.

So we try and fast track our journey by supplementing our own organic search by substituting the solutions of others. We cobble together a quasi- idea of ourselves by wearing the clothes of others.

The collected result of this can lead to short- term acclaim but degrades the concept of originality on an industrial scale.

Delacroix said, “The student should develop well and naturally like fruit on a vine.”

Never before has that thought held so much weight.
May your work be organic and in season.

Industrial Harmony

Industrial Harmony in G (Gold)

Industrial Harmony in G (Gold) 28" x 40" $24,000

Painting outdoors is at its best a Living Experience in which the painting is informed by all of our senses.

Yet, for me the distillation of a living visual experience is best done away from the experience itself.

It is indeed an irony that facts can actually diminish a visual truth, but that has been my experience.

A dictionary filled with words will never be a poem.

My intention must be clear and singular.

Ultimately, my subjective truth must be a balance of objective facts and subjective witness to the experience.

Once I have enough objective facts to harmonize with my sensory truth, I simply look at the painting and let it tell me what it needs.

It's not always that easy - I often think I know better (ego).

I'm learning to be more patient, a better student - to look and listen for what comes back to me and leave the superfluous facts to the lawyers and accountants.

A little mystery is a good thing.

Sweden Paintings

Of Heaven and Earth

Of Heaven and Earth 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Brooding Sky

Brooding Sky 8" x 12" $3,500


Tyreso Sloot 8" x 12" $3,500

Summer Storm

Summer Storm 8" x 12" $3,500

St. Olaf Church Sigtuna

St. Olaf Church Sigtuna 8" x 12" $3,500

In the Shadows of Steinbeck

Wind, Soil & Sun

Wind, Soil & Sun 18" x 24" $8,900

Evening Salinas Valley

Evening Salinas Valley 18" x 24" $8,900 - SOLD •


Looking for Tom Joad 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Late Day Ploughing

Late Day Ploughing 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Migrant Workers Casitas

Migrant Workers Casitas 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •


Mission San Antonio de Padua 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

I love things that have an edge to them.

The ghosts of Tom Joad, George and Lennie and Adam Trask are up and down the Salinas Valley. They lived hard lives with moments of grace.

I read Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, East of Eden and traveled 2400 miles crisscrossing the Salinas Valley.

In the wind and sun and dust I became acutely aware of a particular power in his writing-It's about the proximity of opposites: Love/Hate, Scarcity/Abundance, Strong/Weak, Bold/Meek.

The more closely played off one another, the more impactful the result.

As a visual artist this makes sense.

He used the shadow (ego & human frailty) extensively to reveal the light and always, however dim, the possibility of redemption.

There is great beauty in the shadow.

It was something I needed to be reminded of.

There is truth in that edge too.


Sea Haze

Sea Haze   18" x 24"   $8,900 - SOLD •

Passing Storm

Passing Storm   28" x 40"   $24,000

Factory Shadow

Factory Shadow   40" x 30"   $29,000 - SOLD •

Aggregate Yard in White Light 28" x 40"   $24,000

The above work was painted cheifly from life in an area along the Mississippi, not far from my studio known as "Pig's Eye", named for a colorful 19th century Character who lived along the river.

The bleached white light and harmonious color with a shock of blue sky punctuated by small bits of red and yellow totally sent me. The challenges of dust, dirt and the rumbling of massive dump trucks passing within a few feet away was thoroughly unnerving.

It's the price we pay in trying to capture the DNA of a place.

February 2016

East Facing

Chapel of St. Francis 1830   18" x 24"   $8,900 - SOLD •

East Facing

January, Mt. San Jacinto   14" x 22"   $6,900 - SOLD •

East Facing

After the Storm   8” x 12”   $3,500 - SOLD •

November 2016

East Facing

East Facing   28" x 40"   $24,000 - SOLD •

Tuscan Sfumato 8x12

Tuscan Sfumato    8" x 12"   $3,500 - SOLD •

The Greeks defined Ecstasy (Ekstasis) as "to be or stand outside or beside oneself."
When I am painting most fluidly and naturally it is the confluence of control and abandon; it is the place where I am truly beside myself.
It is a hard place to get to, and a hard place to stay in.

Why does it feel so good?

Being "beside ones self" allows us momentarily to view ourselves objectively in relation to the whole - which allows for humility and opening.
As individuals, we are limited.
True connection means giving up some control and trusting in connecting to the universal.
When I can open, I receive.
When reception combines with personal vision, unlimited growth is possible.
Despite what contemporary wisdom says; it's not just about us.
Creation is collaboration.

A special thanks to my dear friend Ryan Johnson who turned me on to the book "Divine Madness" by Joseph Pieper and helped me look deeper.

China Paintings 2016

Old Boats, Heavy Air

Old Boats, Heavy Air 18" x 24" $9,000 - SOLD •

River Living, Kaiping

River Living, Kaiping 18" x 24" $9,000 - SOLD •

Morning Light, Kaiping

Morning Light, Kaiping 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Fishing Village, Sunday Afternoon

Fishing Village, Sunday Afternoon 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Dinner Preparations

Dinner Preparations 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Fish Pond, Early Light

Fish Pond, Early Light 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Fishing Shacks, Wet Day

Fishing Shacks, Wet Day 8" x 12" $3,500

Old Village, Old Woman

Old Village, Old Woman 8" x 10" $3,200 - SOLD •

September 2016

Splintered Hemlock

Splintered Hemlock   28" x 40"   $24,000

Splintered Hemlock

Madeline Island Relics   8" x 12"    $3,500 - SOLD •

Seasons release their grip reluctantly here in Minnesota, but then, I'm not great with change either. With age, the passing of summer has taken on greater significance for me; there is a wistfulness attached which I can only attribute to time of life and with that, an increasing amount of goodbyes and the accompanying changes that follow. At the same time, I find a profound and delicate beauty in such transitions. Splintered Hemlock and Madeline Island Relics are my nod to the poignance of change.

August 2016

Gold, Grain & Graffiti

Gold, Grain & Graffiti      28" x 40"   $24,000 - SOLD •


Ojibwe Sunrise   28" x 40"   $24,000

A while back, my friend Bob, a Native American shared with me this phrase, "Mitakuye' Oyasin" which he translated to "All things connected, all things one."

During successive days spent in silence along the Mississippi and in the forest on Lake Superior the phrase stayed with me.

I thought I was going after fleeting light effects on a large scale, but underneath it all I was really trying to make some order in a chaotic world and find a measure of balance and peace for myself.

Painting was my excuse.

All things connected - every shape, every color, every mark, every thought.

Nothing is separate.

Light and love connect everything.

May 2016

Old Bordello, Superior Wisconsin

Spring in Vermillion    24" x 30"   $14,000

Old Bordello, Superior Wisconsin

Old Bordello, Superior Wisconsin 8" x 12"   $3,500 - SOLD •

February 2016


Evening Light, Hemet       18 x 24"   $9,000 - SOLD •

It was a pleasure to get out of the Minnesota winter to teach and paint.

A successful and enjoyable workshop was followed by eight days painting with my good friend John Cosby both on Catalina as well as the mainland. The following paintings were created with a great deal of laughing and intense work. A special thanks to John for the daily driving on brutally winding roads.

Since I will be taking a year off from the Catalina Island Conservancy show, all paintings are immediately available for purchase.


Ancient Sycamore       18" x 24"   $9,000 - SOLD •


Chapel of St. Francis (1830)     8" x 12"   $3,500



Island Soapstone     8" x 12"   $3,500 - SOLD •


Velvet Wind     8" x 12"   $3,500 - SOLD •


Sun and Rain     8" x 12"   $3,500 - SOLD •


Eucalyptus Above Shark Harbor
8" x 12"   $3,500 - SOLD •


Fog Above the Channel     8" x 12"   $3,500 - SOLD •

January 2016

Wisconsin Primaries 28" x 40" $24,000 - SOLD •

This January marks my seventeenth year painting this valley. The locals know my red '87 Chrysler Fifth Avenue and wave as they go by. Within these three or four square miles I always find something to connect with. The folks are kind but not familiar which allows me to be present yet almost invisible at the same time.
Not a visitor but not a guest — a curious anonymity.
I feel like a ghost watching and recording, yet removed from the reality unfolding in front of me.
This magic space I believe allows me a private window — a privileged glimpse if I'm lucky, to a more internal, unguarded view.
Vuillard and Morandi found a universe in the most intimate spaces: humble, quiet subjects which became vehicles to access the soul.
20 years ago if someone had told me I'd find that on the corners of county roads N and Q in Wisconsin, I would have said they were crazy.

November 2015

Grit and Reflection 28" x 40" $22,000

New Sweden Paintings

I had a wonderful visit both teaching and painting this past July through the Farigh Ghaderi Studio. The students were wonderful. Plans are in the works for another workshop next June.
Thank you Farigh, Linda & Noah & family for the wonderful hospitality.

Old Town Stockholm 8" x 12" $3,500 - SOLD •

Windy Day, Stockholm 8" x 12" $3,500

Birka, Viking Island 8" x 12" $3,500

Northern Expanse 28" x 40" — $24,000

Any growth in my art has always been linked to personal growth.
It's a hard thing to speak of without sounding trite.
None of us goes through life unscathed and it's that way by design.
Evolution stems from new growth, and new growth from friction, wearing away what does not serve us. Every time I pass though a great period of challenge comes change, and with it small glimpses into the bigness of existence.
I feel expansive for a short while and in tune to the universal in the particular: its a magic fleeting glimpse into the grand connection.

Looking into infinite space was just what I needed.

Mohawk Valley Spring 24" x 30" — $15,000 - SOLD •

O.K., I know - I've been avoiding obvious beauty for a long time. At times even finding it trite and predictable, but this time it dumped my books and took my lunch money - I've been schooled.
The Mohawk Valley took my breath away: expansive, exquisite and boldly delicate all at once.

The vibe was distinctive and ancient.
The wind that moved through the valley carried with it the fragrances of spring and the whispered voices of it's rich past.

While painting this, a rainstorm caused me to retreat to the porch of a old farmhouse where I sat and watched the weather move through the valley. I closed my eyes and breathed it in deeply.
The smell of fresh wind, wet earth and buds unfolding simply finished me.

I highly recommend it.

Blue-Collar 28" x 40" — $24,000

My dad worked for the railroad all of his adult life: iron worker, dock builder, mason, carpenter and eventually up the brutal food-chain to support a family of seven. When I was eighteen, due to over-enrollment at the School of Visual Arts, I could not start until Spring Semester and Dad said he would make a call.

He arranged a meeting with the man who ran the massive Harborside Terminal in Jersey City on the Hudson. Many years before he had done side work for him laying cinder-block walls.

In short, I got a job beyond my capabilities as a maintenance man for seven long months, under the raspy hand of a brilliant engineer.

Enthusiastic but with little mechanical skill I struggled to keep-up and worked on toilets, freight elevators, thawed frozen pipes with an ancient acetylene torch and cleaned-out and demoed an old cold-storage building.

I was the only white serviceman working in the mammoth facility.
Many good people I worked with felt that this was as far as they were going to go, and surviving was as good as it might get.

In a short period of time I was headed off to art school... with possibilities.
I was given a great gift and a great gift of perspective.

When I drove down Watson street it all came flooding back.
Life's patina has a way of clarifying reality for me.

A wonderful quote from the Velveteen Rabbit sums it up beautifully:
"How do you become Real?" asked the rabbit.
"It doesn't happen all at once" said the skin horse, "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real most of your hair has been loved off and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to those who don't understand."

February's Edge 28" x 40" — $20,000 - SOLD •

What is it about a particular place that calls us back again and again?
For the last 20 years I've painted this valley; a little section of crossroads and rolling hills that I feel at home in. It has become a pleasant foil to all of the Industrial subjects I have painted.

It's like you are no longer just a visitor -- the place gets used to having you around and says, "You know where the key is, let yourself in."

Eventually you get to see behind the curtain. Becoming familiar has allowed me the privilege of going more deeply and pure subject has become increasingly less significant.

Someone once said, "If you stay in one place long enough and go deep, you have the chance to find the universal in the particular."

I believe that to be true.

December Mist 28" x 40" — $20,000 - SOLD •

A friend/collector once said to me "Your work feels alone but not lonely" -- when I thought about that, it made sense.

Having grown up with four siblings in a small house and sharing a room most of my life, being alone was rare and only accomplished by disappearing on long weekend walks.

Out the door, through a small patch of woods, across the county golf course would land me in an industrial park and if I kept going, into a great stretch of woods before hitting I-80.

Alone on those walks, a pleasant sensation would overtake me: I began to feel invisible -- a watcher who wasn't being watched.

I could breathe.

The days spent on the river in a rare December Mist brought it all back.

A Gentle Indifference 24" x 30" — $14,000 - SOLD •

After a wonderful but intense workshop on Madeline Island two days working alone in the forest was exactly what I needed. As a silent visitor I found the woods slowly envelop me. At the same time a wonderful line by Albert Camus from his book The Fall kept repeating in my head, he wrote,
"I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world."

That's exactly what I felt; Nature has no ego, tolerates us and is gently indifferent to our existence.

Crossroads at Bubbling Springs 24" x 30" - $14,000 - SOLD •

My wife Natalie once said to me, "People make art for many different reasons" and when I was younger, the simple desire to study form or make a cloud float was enough to send me on my merry way. I miss the simplicity of being so easily engaged and entertained.

It may sound strange or possibly even precious to some of you, but at this point in my life the idea of simply "making pictures" does little for me. The pull of my life now guides me (whether I like it or not) to the conclusion that painting without some deep connection is simply a waste of my time.

Though I am drawn to that "something more" I can't often identify what it is unless I wander and listen & feel.

It was Corot who said "Be guided by feeling alone." In my case, thought always follows feeling and explains why so much idea or concept-driven work has always left me cold.

The recent tragic passing of a friend and my own life challenges have given me much to think about: what's real? what is truly of value?

Though I am not often given to visual metaphor, I was pulled to paint this crossroads. I suppose I was drawn to the complexity and connected beauty of it's path.

For me, creation rarely occurs without friction.

Brooklyn Diptych: Domino Sugar  18" x 24"
& Williamsburg Bridge  18" x 24" - $20,000
- SOLD •

I have spent a good deal of time working in New York this Spring: A Mamaroneck workshop, Salmagundi Club show & time painting with my good friends Andrew & Donna Lattimore.

Though I generally don't believe in happy accidents regarding art, this turned out to be the exception; these two works were not originally intended to be together - an unintentional diptych.

When I saw the old Domino Sugar factory I was simply compelled to paint it. Stepping back to take in the view, I saw the composition with the bridge and hoped to get back again and catch the image. As fate would have it, we did get back, had sun and I was able to get the second painting.

It wasn't until we got the work out that night and had them sitting side by side the Donna commented that they lined up perfectly.

I never thought of myself as a diptych kind of guy - never say never.

A special thank-you to Lorian Jacks and the Lattimores for their splendid hospitality.

Domino Sugar  18" x 24" - SOLD •

Williamsburg Bridge  18" x 24" - SOLD •

Rural Farm Delivery 24" x 30" - $14,000

Some thoughts on critics and clear days:

As an artist in our time, is it trite to be moved and inspired by nature?

The last 100 years of art criticism would lead one to believe so - the funny thing is, those very critics would enjoy the same clear perfection, the same elemental connection to that day as me.

When did it become cool to not declare that which you love - that which deeply moves you?

The last 100 years of art criticism would say you were "merely sentimental" and tell you it was your job to "ask a question" or to "challenge the notion of..."

If you want to challenge the notion of something why not ask why it is so common today for artists to subordinate themselves to their desire for relevancy or why in contemporary art criticism, one must have their work relate contextually to something else.

We simply cannot accept that was "is" - simply, "is."

That which "is not" requires classification, evaluation and a scaffolding of words to elevate it when it is utterly incapable of doing it alone.

I get it. We are all insecure at times and believing that we have something to add to the world is a tall order, but why not consider risking love over irony? Or genuine connection over clever concept?

Why not have the courage to say to the world with elegance, grace and beauty: "I Love This."

Brutal 24" x 30" - $14,000 - SOLD •

In nature's most brutal moments I find great beauty. Where the violence of nature co-mingles with exquisite subtlety I find great excitement. I suppose I simply prefer my beauty with teeth in it.

Valley Sawmill 28" x 40" - $23,000

Furrows & Fractions 24" x 30" - $13,500 - SOLD •

After a recent painting trip West was cancelled, I headed to Wisconsin for three days with high expectations and large canvases.

The weather was sharp, cold and overcast but the compensation was rich color and a seemingly heightened sense of sound and smell. While painting the prairie school, I was treated to the crisp, almost ceramic sounds of a farmer stacking wood on that lonely road. With the working sawmill, the pungent, resinous fragrance of wet, fresh sawdust. These sensory gifts create in me a heightened sense of awareness which without doubt, inform the work.

I worked straight through the days standing on uneven ground in freezing mud with a bad back.

Well into day 3 - shivering, I unscrewed my thermos and realized I was smiling.

Thanks to my friend Andrea Gerasimo for her wonderful hospitality.

5:30 AM Schmidt Brewery 30" x 40" - $20,000 - SOLD •

I may have missed out on the sounds of whistles, shift-changes and kegs being loaded, but at five-thirty am when the world is still asleep, I swear you can still hear them.

For over 100 years, this brewery was the epicenter of this working class neighborhood in St. Paul and kept many families alive and comfortably numb in the process.

One needs to be anything but numb when confronting such a fleeting effect. Recording that narrow window between night and day has it's challenges. It took nine mornings to get this on canvas and I was working against time in more ways than one: as a pre-dawn painting my window of opportunity was very short and the building was slated for immediate renovation to be turned into artists lofts.

I spent two days walking around the enormous footprint of the complex to find the composition and time of day I felt would make the most of the buildings unique silhouette. I was drawn to a combination of organic and rectilinear form which created a varied, contrasting trip for the eye. Further, I was challenged by the fact that the color had to be dense but still luminous.

After those nine intense mornings I was ready for a beer.

Just a month later, the restoration has begun and the view is forever changed.

It's amazing how quickly a plein air painting can become part of history.

Monday on the Mississippi 28" x 40" - $22,000

I am a daydreamer - always have been.

What I used to get scolded for is ironically how I now make a living.

This big view looking South on the river is exactly the kind of thing that would charge my imagination when I was a kid. I could free-spool for hours about being a deck-hand on the boats or hopping into an open door as the train went by. Where would I end up?

Surely one could survive anything with a pocketknife and a few canned goods. Soon I would be vaguely aware of being yelled at - "Mr. Paquet, do you have something you would like to share with the class?"

Sister Anthony Marie I give you "Monday on the Mississippi."

Feed Station in Autumn 24" x 30" - $14,000

Organic Geometry, 28" x 40" $19,500 - SOLD •

Sometimes good things rise out of the ashes of failure and this painting makes the point. Two weeks ago we had a freak Spring snowstorm and I was bent on getting in a large painting that said "Winter."

Instead I spent four hours trying to salvage a painting where the snow melted faster than I could catch it.

When I brought it back to the studio my ego told me "I can make this work" so I spent a caffeine-fueled hour pounding its chest and yelling "breathe, dammit breathe." Despite my best efforts it was all over by two-thirty. I scraped no less than $25.00 worth of lead white off the canvas while I rationalized that, "It was for the best."

Vowing not to be in such a hurry next time, I spent a couple of days walking, looking and feeling out some locations here in St. Paul. When I saw this I was stopped in my tracks. For a guy who grew up in a working class neighborhood this had it all: grit, history -- the railroad. Those retaining walls had as much character as the face of a 100-year-old man. I was lucky this time -- the weather was perfect. For three days I banged away, blissed-out and feeling totally alive.

Same canvas, different ending.

I keep relearning things.

Morning Rythms, Yosemite 12" x 16" - $4,400 - SOLD •

White Tanks, Blue Day 30" x 40" $21,000 - SOLD •

White Tanks DetailThese days I am often pulled toward unusual color harmonies, this scene stopped me in my tracks: the gray-violet of the sky, the green grass and sun-washed white tanks. Looking even deeper however I was blown - away by the myriad of color in the white tanks (see detail at right). I was completely transfixed by the wonderful, complex subtlety of it. In fact it is almost everything but white!

For three days I worked on this outdoors being mindful not to simply overload the painting with "stuff" adding only that which I felt would add to the big look using choice bits of intense color to serve the overall neutrality of the picture.

Florentine Nocturne, 30" x 40" - $21,000 - SOLD •

Morning on the Mississippi, St. Paul, 28" x 40" $19,500 SOLD •

Brooklyn with Barrel 28" x 40" - Oil on Mounted Linen - SOLD •

He Sleeps with the Fishes 28" x 40" - O/ML - $20,000 - SOLD •

Breath Deep II 22" x 28" - Oil on Mounted Linen - $13,000 - SOLD •

God Made California on a Monday 22" x 28" - Oil on Mounted Linen - $13,000 - SOLD •

Wilbur Returns 28" x 40" - Oil on Mounted Linen - $22,000

The title of the painting is a play off the title from a winter painting done in the same area a few years ago titled "Come Back Wilbur."

I am usually traveling during the best of the Fall season so made up my mind this year to do a major painting from life before the leaves were gone. This painting is a graduate study in unity and variety. Being a "flat light" picture with very little shadow I had my challenges with defining form and making strong bits of color take their place in the distance. Sometimes odd challenges pique my curiosity, like the dried-out pond in the foreground or the plastic wrapped hay bales in the middle distance. Anyway, regardless of all of the subjective choices I make in a painting, the truth of nature always keeps me in a humble place.

Just Off 'Q' 27" x 40" - Oil on Mounted Linen - $20,000 - SOLD •

It's rare for me to come across a place that I can paint repeatedly and find new excitement each time. Fourteen years ago I painted this homestead for the first time, and have been coming back ever since. This time I felt compelled to paint a large version on site, in an effort to record the farm before it actually sinks into the ground.

From a painting standpoint it was a study in what I refer to as "optical painting" in other words, when focused on a given area, what does one perceive through ones peripheral vision. Hence a studied simplification away from the area of interest.

Shimmering Avalon 18" x 24" Oil on Mounted Linen - $8,200 - SOLD •

Catalina Island has become something of a 'home away from home' for me. I connect to the place in a visceral way. Leaving Saint Paul in the very heart of winter and arriving at this freshly-washed, green island is a tonic to my soul. The rough electric shock of the drastic change of scenery allows a contrast which makes me appreciate both worlds more intensely and individually.

Woodsmoke & Wet Sawdust 18" x 24" - $8,200 - SOLD •

Rural Electrification 24" x 30" - $13,000 - SOLD •

The above work was painted in one of my favorite locations in Wisconsin. The title, "Rural Electrification" embodies the subject. The last autumn tapestry of color and delicate pattern is what caught my eye.